Photography at Night!

Taking pictures at night. During full moon or in complete darkness. What started as a spontaneous roadtrip alongside Route 66, back in 2006, turned into my second favorite hobby: Night photography and (urban) exploration of abandoned places and things.

Photography between dusk and dawn: Using long exposure times, a vast assortment of flashlights, strobes and environmental lighting, not only to capture the moment – but to bring life into dead places, to show the spirit of the past and create the illusion of a parallel universe. When the sun goes down and mankind goes to sleep, dead things come to life!

Even though some pictures might have been digitally adjusted or optimized, all lighting effects have been created live on scene, during the exposure! My pictures are no photoshop creations – what you see is exactly what the camera saw at the time of exposure! All my pictures are as real as it gets!

My Pictures can be seen on my Flickr-Page. More information about my night photography is available on my other website at