DataCenter Consulting

With todays constantly changing business dynamics, infrastructure and data center designs have become more and more customized and complex. If you are planning to build a new Office, Server Room or a data center facility, if you are thinking about remodeling an existing, outdated and inefficient office or data center or if you want to retrofit an existing structure for future use as a data center, you should consider hiring a specialized consultant. The more your company relies on its IT resources to function, the more important is it to have a professional support you in defining equipment standards and technology requirements.

Hiring an infrastructure and data center consultant can quickly provide returns on your investment by saving you frustration, additional costs from errors and inefficient implementations, and even hazardous situations that can threaten equipment and personnel. I have designed and remodeled numerous office infrastructure layouts, server rooms and data center installations. I can analyze and recommend design solutions to meet your requirements for effectiveness and efficiency. I will assist you in making sound decisions starting from creating a cost effective IT Layout for your new or existing office, up to helping you decide on networking, cabinet and racking solutions that can meet your data processing and power usage requirements, and allows for efficient cooling and heat dissipation.

If you are interested in my services, feel free to contact me for a non-obligation informal chat!
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