About Me

My Name is Mike. Mike Kesler. I am a US Citizen, currently living in the small village of Hagenbach, in the southwest corner of Germany, right next to the French border. I like writing, filming and photography and i also sometimes publish my work. Besides all that, i’m also an IT guy. I’m currently employed as Head IT Manager for Jungheinrich AG, and i am also freelancing as an IT and DataCenter Consultant.

Even though i grew up in the era and of and owning a Commodore 64 and other computers, i started my working career as a car mechanic back in the early nineties. After tinkering around with the internet since 1995, i eventually started working IT part time in 1997. After working as a full time commercial truck driver for a short period of time, i decided to start a full time career as an IT professional in 1999. Feel free to look up my CV for more information about my career history.

I am a passionate motorcyclist. When i am not busy riding, i used to write about it on my german motorcycle blog, called the “Road Blog” (though i don’t really have time for it anymore). More information about that and other projects is available on my projects page.

I am also interested in politics, focussing on civil rights, libertarianism and information security. I was a member of the german Pirate Party and have held the position of lead executive of the Pirate Party Chapter Karlsruhe.

Any more questions?

If you want to know more, feel free to contact me.